Week of March 27, 2017

Dear Neighborhood School Families,

The NYS English Language Arts Exam will be administered Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning this week.  Students who do not take the state tests will continue the important and meaningful work they engage in everyday.  Once again, we support parents in making the best decisions for their individual children.  Teachers will have conversations with students to create an environment that is respectful of the diversity of opinions surrounding this issue.  It is vital that all members of our community feel supported during this time and that we maintain a sense of calm for our students.

This is the last week to complete the Department of Education (DOE) survey!  Not only do your responses count towards our school’s rating, but we are evaluated by response rates.  We sent home a green envelope which contains directions and your access code.  You can find the DOE survey at http://schools.nyc.gov/Accountability/tools/survey/default.htm  Use the survey access code printed on your individual survey.  If you don’t have the hard copy of the survey, click the link to access your code or call the Survey Hotline at 1-800-690-8603.

Mark your calendars:

  • The ECO Committee will meet Wednesday at drop-off in the small cafeteria.

  • The Grants Committee will meet on Friday at drop-off in the small cafeteria.




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