Invitation to join Border Crossers Workshops

We as parents/ guardians at TNS are very lucky to have faculty, staff, a principal and parent coordinator that are committed to exploring the many issues surrounding race in america.  Because of this commitment, we are having two important workshops coming up with Border Crossers paid for by a one time grant.  I hope many of us can attend one or both of them.  And as a parent I can not stress enough the importance of individual members of our community reaching out to the adults in our community who have not attended committee and PTA meetings and inviting them to join the workshops.  Many parents have any number of challenges getting involved at school, understandably. These adult family members are comforted and encouraged by a little warmth from parents who are involved.  Specifically around the issue of race, I think a transparent dialogue can seem overwhelming because these conversations about race stir up a lot of feelings and raise really tough questions.

If today or in the next few days, we can all reach out to a few people and invite them without pressure, we will all benefit from having more TNS Community members participate.  It also wouldn’t hurt to nudge the usual suspects to show up.


Joan Beard

 May 20th Community Day info:

10-12 work in classrooms and garden

12-1 delicious community lunch served outside - bring your own reusable plates and utensils if possible

1-3  childcare with Cesar in fourth street side courtyard

1-3  Parent workshop on Border Crossers

last year many of us went to Tompkins and hung out and had fun until rain came down…

May 23rd

Border Crossers Part 2

Part 2  -

6-7:30 Going deeper with Border Crossers

6-7:30/8:00 Childcare provided


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