Why Join the SLT?

Thinking of joining the SLT?

Here’s why you should!!!

The School Leadership Team (SLT) is a committee made up of Dyanthe, TNS faculty representatives and parents who serve for two years.  SLT is an important school governing body that addresses concerns and issues of importance to the school community. As  the unifying committee of our school, SLT writes, revises and disseminates school policies. The SLT meets once a month for cooperative planning and shared decision making in relation to many aspects of school life.


We are looking for two parents to volunteer for next year and serve a 2-year term.


What the SLT did this year…

In response to the election and the anti-racism work our school has taken on the past two years, we wrote a statement about TNS’s commitment to ensuring that all members of our community feel safe.

We worked with teachers to create a TNS math night to better inform the parent body about how math is taught at TNS.

● We created a document describing the TNS protocol for parent/teacher conflict resolution.

● We discussed enrollment and outreach and voted to expand the Diversity Pilot for incoming Pre-K and Kindergarten children who qualify for free and reduced lunch from 45% to 50% for next year.

● We discussed Yardsticks by Chip Wood as it relates to configurations of age appropriate classrooms and grade groupings, to get a better understanding of how our current classroom groups were formed and to think about reconfiguring our mixed-aged classrooms beginning in 2018-19.

We discussed the possibility of creating gender neutral bathrooms for our students.

● We discussed the Social/Emotional Framework that the school currently practices (Bank Street’s Emotionally Responsive Classroom).

We organized Community Day to help the faculty clean and organize their classrooms and build the garden in the courtyard.

● We wrote the Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP) for next year.  The Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP) is the primary document for sharing a school’s ongoing improvement planning efforts. The Comprehensive Education Plan is meant to be a tool to guide continuous improvement planning to support schools in engaging their staff, parents, students, and community partners in identifying and prioritizing school needs; setting measurable improvement goals; selecting appropriate strategies to improve student academic performance.


What we want to do next year...

●  Engage in a formalized SLT training

●  Create more Curriculum Nights (such as Math Night, etc.)

●  Get feedback from middle schools on how TNS graduates handle 6th grade, to continue our assessment of student preparedness

●  Formalize the future of Alternative Assessments at our school

●  Create a consensus policy for SLT meetings

●  Create an online/school wide presence of the efforts of the SLT


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