Thank you Holiday Fair 2017

Dear TNS Families,

Thank you so much for donating and volunteering your time and your thoughtfulness with our school’s yearly Holiday Fair.  With your help we raised $10,000.00 this year.

When you hear “please come volunteer” look at it as being a part of your child’s education.  
You are doing something no matter how big or small in your child’s school to give.  
And when you do volunteer, talk about it at home, let them know it is work and work gives them things.  Many children know you leave to go to work - but a couple of hours seeing you invest your adult time gives them an understanding that you are accomplishing something and that is money in the bank.

When you hear the word “volunteer” it is not the end- it is an opening to new experiences and ‘working’ with wonderful people and you will be surprised what great families/friends you will make.

Thank you all for everything you do!

Happy New Year to 2018!

Best wishes,
~Lorraine Hutra
TNS PTA Events


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