Week of March 5, 2018

Dear Neighborhood School Families,

As I mentioned previously, our school recently participated in a Department of Education (DOE) 2-day evaluative process called the Quality Review.  Schools are rated underdeveloped, developing, proficient or well developed on 10 indicators.  I am so proud of our school!  Not because of our high ratings, but because it was absolutely clear to the reviewer how much staff and families care about our school.  We earned 7 well develops and 3 proficients.  

Family conferences are next week!  Please be sure to sign-up for a conference time with your child’s teacher.  Wednesday is late night conferences and Thursday is a DOE half-day for conferences.  If you are having any trouble signing up for a conference, please call the school office and we will help coordinate a time for you.

Please complete your Department of Education (DOE) Parent Survey.  The DOE survey gathers information about your overall satisfaction with our school and the results are published and used to determine our official rating. Completion rates are also important as they reflect the level of parent involvement to the DOE.  Each student received a green envelope containing a hard copy of the survey to fill out along with postage-paid envelope.  You can also complete the survey online.  Thank you!

Mark your calendars:

  • Parent’s of Unique Kids Support Group meets Tuesday morning at drop-off in Room 301.  This is a support group for parents and caretakers; it is an opportunity to share experiences, defeats, and strategies with each other.

  • The Wellness Committee meets Tuesday at drop-off in the PTA Room.

  • My Morning Hour is Wednesday morning in the PTA Room.  I will host an hour about reading development.  What does it look like?  What kind of books do children read when learning to read?  How do we identify struggling readers at TNS?  

  • I hope that you will join me between 6 - 10 p.m. for the TNS Spring Auction this Thursday at the Manny Cantor Center (197 East Broadway).  Even if you can’t make the Spring Auction Event, you can still get some great deals (and support TNS) at the online auction. Check it out: http://tnsny.org/auction.

  • Friday is a PD half-day.  Dismissal is at 11:45AM.  




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