2018-2019 PTA Board Elections

Dear Neighborhood School Community,

Last month the PTA elected the executive board for the 2018-19 school year.  The incoming PTA executive board will be:

◦ PTA Co-Presidents - Jenny Ulloa and Rene Zweig
◦ PTA VP of Events and Fundraising - Jasmine Maldonado 
◦ PTA Co-Treasurers - Theresa Marchetta and Jeanne Gilliland
◦ PTA Secretary - Jesse Seldess 
◦ PTA Parent Engagement Liaison - Timothy Tait

The School Leadership Team will be joined by parent representatives, Shannon Galligan-Stierle and Akeel Azcuy.

After the election Rocio Rana volunteered to be co-chair of VP of Events and Fundraising with Jasmine.

I strongly suggest that you take the time to thank our outgoing PTA executive board and SLT parent representatives.  They have done truly meaningful work in our school, dedicating hours upon hours of their time to our children.  If you don’t get a chance to thank them in person please send them an email or reply here to let them know how great they are!  They are:

Elinor Tatum & Tanya Uhlmann (outgoing PTA co-presidents), Denise and Frank Thompson(outgoing PTA secretaries), Havilah Mann (outgoing PTA co-treasurer) & Jeanne Gilliland(co-treasurer staying on next year), Lorraine Hutra & Tamika Hall-Frye(outgoing PTA co-VP’s of Events and Fundraising), Melinda ZalmaAya Karpinska (outgoing parent engagement liaisons) and Nanine Blomstrom &
Joree Weinstein (outgoing SLT parents representatives).

Thanks so much to all of you!

All the Best,

Peter, on behalf of the nominating committee: Dottie, Jon and Matt


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