What Assessement DOES NOT look like at TNS!

Many other schools get caught up in test preparation, so much so that it affects curriculum. Dyanthe and some of our teachers will share their thoughts about what we don’t have to do at TNS, and their experiences with other educational environments focused on testing and test preparation.

This will be the third information session in a series organized with the Advocacy Committee. If you missed the first session on assessment at TNS or would like to revisit our teachers’ remarks please see the video recording available here, below, in TNS Advocacy News.

The other two sessions are:

1. “State testing days at The Neighborhood School,” March 25, 8:30AM Second/third and 4th/5th grade teachers and Dyanthe will share what testing days look like at TNS for students who take the tests and those who don’t.

2. “What is performance-based assessment?”, date TBD Learn about The Neighborhood School’s pilot program using Performance Based Assessment for graduating students.

These information sessions are organized in collaboration with the Advocacy Committee, an independent parent- and guardian-led group dedicated to informing the school community about education policy. For more information or to get involved please join us at the events, and contact the Advocacy Committee.


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