Welcome Back! 9.5.19

Welcome Back Families,

It has been a wonderful first day of school.  I got to be in classrooms, at recesses, and in the cafeteria during the 4/5s lunch.  One of my favorite moments of the day was when a first grader asked me (apropos of nothing) what my favorite thing to do was in the whole world.  When I told her I would need more time to think about it, she explained that her favorite thing to do is imagine playing with unicorns. Oh, how I have missed our children!  I hope your children will share an anecdote or two with you tonight.  

I also got to catch with families at arrival and then again at dismissal.  I was so happy to see you! Which reminds me, if you would like to meet your child in the lobby, you will need to sign and return a “Permission to Self-Dismiss” form.  Older siblings can also pick-up their younger siblings at the end of the day if you sign and return the “Sibling Dismissal Form.”

This year, we are adopting a “Hybrid Lunch Menu” and serving entrees from both the Alternative and Classic menus, depending on the week.  There are 6 days in the month when the Alternative and Classic entrees differ. Here’s the breakdown for September:

  • Week of 9/5 - same

  • Week of 9/9 -  Alternative Menu entrees

  • Week of 9/15 -  Classic menu entrees 

  • Week of 9/23 -  Alternative Menu entree

Moving forward, we will have a committee made up of both schools to determine the menu each month.  One change from last June is that the kitchen will not be able to offer both entree options on days that they differ.  However, tuna fish sandwiches will be offered each day that the menus differ.  

Not sure about your child’s after school plans for the year?  Please stop by our after After School Program Fair TOMORROW at 8 AM in the Lobby.  All after school programs begin the week of September 9th.

See you tomorrow,



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