Week of November 12, 2019

Dear Families,

It’s conference week at TNS.  Twice each year, in November and again in March, we hold family conferences.  In our early childhood classes, it is an opportunity for teachers, together with the child, to talk with the adults in each child’s family about the child’s work and progress in school.  In our upper grades, children lead conferences, speaking about their work alongside teachers and their adults. Want to learn more about what your child is learning in Spanish, Science or Physical Education?  Please stop by the Science Room (317) to meet with Emily, the office (307) to meet with Teddy, and Spanish Room (301) to meet with Mara.  You can also sign-up outside of Room 303 to meet with your child’s speech teacher, Amanda or Sara. Conferences are Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon (dismissal is at 11:45 AM). 

What does being a “potential” targeted support and improvement (TSI) school mean?  Last year, New York State counted opt-outs to determine public school’s standing. All around the city, schools with high opt-out numbers are being identified at potential TSI and CSI  (comprehensive support and improvement) schools. Please join me and the Advocacy Committee Thursday morning in the PTA Room to discuss the implications of the designation and how families can advocate for our school.  

Have a good week,



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