Week of November 25, 2019

Dear Families,

TNS has a long-standing partnership with Hudson Guild, a Community Based Organization that provides mental health services for our students.  Working alongside our staff, an on-site therapist develops relationships with students and families and provides individual counseling to children in the school. The on-site therapy fosters children’s growth, provides support to families and helps our school function more efficiently and effectively.  We have been waiting all this Fall for a new social worker and I am very happy to share that Ashleigh Hertzig is joining our community this week! Ashleigh is legally blind and has a guide dog named Yuri. Over the next few weeks, Ashleigh and Yuri will visit classrooms to introduce themselves and answer students’ questions.  Please read her letter below.

Dear Students and Families,


My name is Ashleigh Hertzig and I am so excited to join The Neighborhood School community as the new Clinical Social Worker! I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet and work with each of you this year. 


I am a Licensed Master Social Worker with experience working with children, families, and individuals who have diverse needs and backgrounds as an agent of support and guidance. I’m committed to providing a safe and welcoming space where, together, we can strengthen each child’s educational experience and achievements, and ensure that every family in The Neighborhood School has the tools they need to succeed.

I would also like to take a moment to introduce you to my Guide Dog, Yuri. As an individual who is legally blind, Yuri acts as my eyes. Yuri’s job is to guide me around any obstacles in our path and alert me to changes in elevation. It is a lot of work, but he gets plenty of rewards in the form of treats and belly rubs when he does a good job! When he is wearing his harness he knows he is “on duty” and when I remove the harness he knows he is free to be a regular, goofy dog and gets plenty of time to play, chase his tail, and get loved by others. Together, we have traveled all over the country.

Yuri and I cannot wait to meet you! Please feel free to reach out or stop by with any questions or to say hi!


Ashleigh Hertzig, LMSW 

This Week at TNS…

  • We will have a pie bake sale on Tuesday and Wednesday morning in the lobby.  Baking not your thing?  The Bake Sale crew has your back… or better yet, your pies!  All proceeds fund the PTA.

  • There is no school on Thursday and Friday.

Looking Ahead…

  • Wednesday, December 4 at 8:35 AM:  Amanda, our Speech-Language Pathologist will lead an informational session on “Sounds in Motion”, the literacy program implemented in our early childhood classrooms that promote phonemic awareness and early literacy skills.

  • Friday, December 6 is a TNS Half-Day.  Dismissal is at 11:45 AM.

Whatever family traditions you honor this weekend, enjoy the long and very well deserved break with your children.  I hope that it feels restful and rejuvenating.  




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