Week of February 3, 2020

Dear Families,

Thank you, Erin, Dianne, Grace, and Alexis for sharing their assessment practices with families last Monday.  Each year, I ask different teachers who represent a range, both in terms of ages taught and classroom configurations, to share their experiences, so that families can get to know them better and see the consistent practices across classes and grades.  Teachers spoke about how formal assessments, looking at student work, the role of observation and working alongside children inform the next steps and allow us to know children well. They shared the many ways students reflect on their learning and work throughout the grades.  They discussed how Project/Work Time informs our work with children in ways that formal teacher-directed tasks and assessments do not. This is the first forum in a series co-sponsored by TNS and the Advocacy Committee leading up to the NY State tests. I hope you can join us for future conversations.  

This week at TNS...

  • It’s a new semester!  If your child has had Spanish with Mara, they will begin science with Emily and if they have had science, they will begin Spanish. 

  • P.E. with Teddy moves to the upstairs gym for the month.

  • SLT will meet Thursday at 8 AM in Room 314.  All are welcome!

  • Narrative Reports go home Thursday.

Looking Ahead...

  • Midwinter Break is February 17th - 21st.  

Have a great week,





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