Dyanthe’s Letter: 3.21.20

Dear Families,

The past week has been incredibly challenging for our school as we prepare to move our entire community to remote learning.  Perhaps not surprisingly, our staff has been AMAZING! Although we can’t be physically together, in many ways I feel we more connected than ever.  

We will be moving our classes to a remote learning environment using Google Classroom.  Google Classroom is a virtual classroom; teachers will be posting messages, videos, and assignments daily - it’s going to be our school for this period of time when we can’t be together in our classrooms at TNS.  I have attached a Youtube video about Google Classroom so that you and your child can become familiar with this new platform. This is learning a curve for us all!  

Needless to say, getting all our students onto Google Classroom this week has been challenging and we have experienced a lot of technical bumps.  We are having trouble getting some students into classrooms, so please be patient. Please try to get onto Google Classroom as soon as your teacher email’s with directions.  In order to join a class, you will need to have activated your NYC Schools Account. You will also need your child’s DOE email address and password. 

Teachers have also been thoughtfully creating their on-line classrooms this week.  Next week, many activities and assignments will be about getting your children and you familiar with Google Classroom.  The work we’ll do in this new remote learning situation will evolve over time as we learn what works best for our community.  During the school day, teachers will available to answer emails and interface with kids from 8:30 AM -1:00 PM.  If you email after 1:00, please know that teachers may not get back to you until the following day. 

Your child’s teacher will be reaching out to you directly next week via phone if your child has an IEP (Independent Education Plan) to review the services in your child’s IEP and share the current expectations for service delivery.  

NYC will continue to distribute Grab and Go meals from 7:30 AM to 1:30 PM at TNS.  I know that not everyone is in the neighborhood; here is a link: https://www.csa-nyc.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/OFNS-Feeder-Hubs_03192020.pdf of over 400 schools around the city that will also have Grab and Go. 

I hope you and your children are continuing to manage during this very trying time.  A tremendous amount is being asked of all of us at this moment in time and we will figure it out, even if it’s not by Monday.  ; ) This is a very steep learning curve for us all. We will need to be patient, understanding and flexible, both with ourselves and each other.

We miss you!  

With love,



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