Dear Families,

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy and that you have had some time to unwind and unplug this past week.   

Online learning resumes tomorrow!  As you know, each classroom at TNS does things a little differently - both when we are together in school and now online.  Teachers plan assignments and meetings with their students in mind and will introduce new platforms and new routines as families become more comfortable and familiar.  Please reach out directly to your child’s teacher if you have any questions.

We are trying something new this week!  Noemi and I are setting up meetings with families through Google Hangouts each day at 4 PM.  I have invited Alice Auth, Pre-K social worker and Barbara DiGangi, Families Thriving Director and social worker to participate as I imagine many questions and concerns may be about social/emotional issues that are arising during this time - both for your children and you!  I will post the meeting code and directions on your child’s classroom stream in the morning:

  • Pre-K Families:  Monday at 4 PM

  • K/1 Families:  Tuesday at 4 PM

  • â…” Families:  Wednesday at 4 PM

  • â…˜ Families:  Friday at 4 PM

I anticipate that there will be a few technical glitches, nevertheless, it will be wonderful to each other after soon long!  

The PTA is hosting an informal gathering for TNS families on Thursday from 5:30 to 6:30 PM.  During the gathering, families will check in with each other, learn how remote learning is going, provide some updates on the PTA budget and activities, and hear from me and the teachers.  Most of all, this as a chance to connect. 

I went to school on Friday.  It felt so good to be there. The flowers in the garden are bloom (see pic below).  It might have been my imagination, but the children’s artwork in the hallways looked more vivid and the third-floor was a lot cleaner than I remembered.  The kitchen staff was there preparing and handing out meals to people in need. They are all doing well and I was deeply moved to see them greeting people with kindness and sustenance.  

Take care, stay safe and please give your kids a hug from me.  I’ll see you soon.

With Love,



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