April 28, 2020

Dear Families,

It was so wonderful to see the parents who were able to join us last week for our informal family check-ins.  While each meeting was unique, with different challenges and themes emerging, it is clear is that families’ experiences during this time and with remote learning are vastly different.  We agreed to continue to host regular family meetings so that we can stay connected.

The families who participated in my meetings represent only a percentage of our community.  We want to hear from all our families about how they are doing.  We have decided that the best way to gather this information is for teachers to send surveys to families about their child’s online learning experience so far.  In soliciting feedback, please keep in mind that what is ideal for your family may not work for the whole class.  Each family’s situation is unique and as professional educators, teachers will consider families’ responses and make decisions about what will work for their class.  

Some of the sweetest moments during last week’s meetings were when families expressed deep-felt gratitude and appreciation for their teachers.  Please remember that while teachers are doing their best to support children and families, they, too, are living through this crisis.  They, too, worry about the health of parents, children, and other loved ones, about getting groceries or refilling a prescription or whether it’s safe to take a trip to the store.  Recognizing our shared humanity and coming together in solidarity is the way we will get through this time and emerge stronger.  

With Love,



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