May 25, 2020

Dear Families, 

At one of my recent family meetings, there was a general sense of anxiety about going outside with kids in the city and for good reason!  I asked Emily to share some activities you can do to engage kids outdoors while staying safe.  

The Importance of Sun

It’s important that we all get sun on our skin. We’ve been indoors so much and the vitamin D that we make in response to sunlight strengthens the immune system. So please try to sit in the sun (with sunblock). 

Wildlife Spotting

Look for wildlife.  How many birds can you spot? What do they look like? 

Sketch them, write down their color and appearance so later at home you can look them up and try to find out what kind they are.

What are they doing?  How about squirrels?

Look up at the trees. Can you spot any nests? There may be chicks (baby birds) in nests. Can you find any parents that are flying to the nest to feed the chicks?

There are also fledglings at this time of year. Fledglings are baby birds that are just learning to fly. They can hop and fly around outside the nest, but they are smaller than their parents and still have some of their fluffy baby feathers. Their parents still feed them. Can you spot any fledglings hopping around? 

If near flowers, can you spot any pollinators? Bees, butterflies, hummingbirds?


Close your eyes and listen: see how many different sounds you can hear, and try to identify what they are.  Which one is coming from furthest away?  Which one is closest?  Then open your eyes and see if you can find where they came from.

Do the same thing with smell.

Here’s a game you can play with touch: close your eyes and have someone hold something soft close to your skin. Then they either touch you or don’t, with the soft thing. You have to guess whether they are touching you or not. You may notice that different parts of your skin are more sensitive than others. Your elbow, for example, is less sensitive than your face.

Does your family have an activity to do outside that avoids touching surfaces and is mindful of other people who might get too close?  Please email me and I’ll share them with other families.  

I hope to see you at our PTA Meeting on Thursday at 5:30 PM on Zoom.  Follow the link below:

Meeting ID: 922 2586 0445

Password: 386369

With Love,



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