Week of October 19, 2020

Dear Families,

Teddy bears are everywhere!  There are so many reasons we are doing the teddy bear curriculum this year.  Bears can support children’s separation from home and connection to the teachers, classroom environment, and to peers. As children bring their Teddy Bears “to life” and develop their identities, they become a vehicle for self-expression for children, and a way of communicating about children’s feelings, identity, and experiences in the world both inside and outside of school. They can also serve as a bridge to making friendship connections between children and support a curriculum of “Celebrating Same/Similar/Different,” which supports children’s self-worth in the school setting and beyond.  It is joyful watching the different ways bears are becoming a part of the fabric of the classroom culture. 

This week at TNS…

  • Material distribution:  Materials and supplies that your child needs for remote learning this year will be distributed from 12 - 2 PM on Thursdays and Fridays during the month of October.   Your child’s teachers will let you know the dates that materials will be ready for pick-up.  If a parent cannot make any of those times, we can arrange a pick-up time with the office staff.  Similarly, please let your child’s teacher know if you need us to mail supplies to you. 

Looking ahead…

  • Monday, October 26 is a TNS PD half-day.  Dismissal for both in-person and remote students will be at 11:10 AM.

  • TNS Virtual Halloween Party is on Friday, October 30, from 4 - 5 PM. Your participation is needed to make this event great! Songs decided by you, our TNS community, basic dance routines taught online, your costume reveals, TNS Halloween art gallery, and more!  Stay tuned for more details!

Have a good week,


FYI:  School COVID Cleaning/Disinfectant Protocols

1. High touch surfaces (doorknobs, door pulls/push plates, staircase handrails, light switches, flush valves on urinals, bathroom partition handles/latches, faucet handles, drinking fountains) are continuously disinfected during the day with COVID combating disinfectants.

2. All operable windows are opened and ACs turned on upon staff arrival every day to increase ventilation (this means the rooms are a little chilly, so send your child with a sweater for the classroom)

3. Student and staff bathrooms are regularly checked for cleanliness, touchpoints disinfected, stocked with hand soap, toilet paper, and paper towels at all times. [Logs are completed at least 3x a day and also completed in the evening]

4. At the end of each day, every occupied area (classrooms, offices, bathrooms, common spaces, staircases, public assembly spaces, and vestibules) must be cleaned and disinfected using an EPA listed disinfectant and electrostatic sprayer suited for the elimination of COVID.


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