Blended Learning resumes Tuesday, December 8

Dear Families,

I am writing to inform you and clarify the Mayor’s message about the return to school five days a week for blended students. After meeting with the TNS Summer Reopening Team, members of the Instructional Leadership Team, and SLT, due to the lower number of students who have opted in this quarter, we agree that it is best for our school community to keep our cohort model as is as we are able to add new blended kids into existing cohorts.  

There are several reasons for this decision:

  • We are trying to maintain as equitable a model of school as possible, given the challenging circumstances.  Two-thirds of our students will still participate in remote learning this quarter.  If blended students come 5 days a week, it means that most of our students, including those with mandated services, will no longer get small group instruction because we don’t have enough remote staff and it will create an imbalanced student-to-teacher ratio.  For example, in one class 6 students will come in person with one teacher while 20 will be remote with the other.  

  • We have also worked hard to create consistent classroom communities made up of blended and remote students.  Moving to a 5 days a week model means that kids from Pre-K through 3rd grade won’t see each other or one of the teachers at all anymore.  

  • We continue to keep the health and safety of our staff, children, and families at the forefront of our planning.  While research shows that school is safe for young children, keep in mind that most of our staff use public transportation to get to and from school.  To that end, we want to keep the number of kids and staff in the building as low as possible to mitigate the risk of transmission. Our cohort model currently does not overlap as many classes only have one cohort (A or B) so we are able to keep our daily in-school population low. This also gives us the opportunity to phase in more cohorts quarterly while maintaining consistency for kids.

  • Finally, if we move kids to 5 days a week, it means that we would not be able to honor our promise of giving families additional time to opt-in to blended learning later in the year because most of our classes would only have a few spots left.

As you know, things are in flux and we are constantly in conversation about transitioning to different models. We will evaluate our model before the next opt-in period (in February) so that we can maintain equity, community, health, and safety for all.

We will begin in-person classes on Tuesday, December 8 only for those who are currently blended or opted into blended learning for this quarter.  Monday, December 7 is a TNS PD half-day and a remote-only day for all students so that teachers and paras can prepare rooms to accommodate additional kids.  




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