Week of January 11, 2021

Dear Families,

I have been processing the terrible events of last Wednesday in the capital, as I am sure you have, too.  There are those who say this is not who we are.  But at this moment in our history, this is who we are and this is who we, as a country, have always been.  However, this is not who we have to be.

As progressive educators, we are shaping citizens and future leaders who can build a different world for all of us.  I am appreciative that as a district of choice, families choose to be in a community that has committed itself to anti-racist, social justice work and that seeks to grow activists who will be the change-makers we need.  I am incredibly grateful to be a part of a teaching community that is committed to this work.  I am thankful to the colleagues and families who continually call on me to be a better leader.  To me, these are the seeds of progressive education: hope and action in a time when it is so needed.  I believe in our children and their incredible educators - their teachers and families.  In order to help create the future that lifts us all, we will continue our ABAR work with our children, families, and staff, and we will also revisit our Mission statement so that it reflects our school’s anti-racist, social justice identity.

Beginning this week, our current in-person Pre-K students will attend school 5 days a week.  We will have a sub for Cohort B days so that Erin can continue to work with her remote-only kids on days she is not in the building.  This is only possible until we add another Pre-K cohort, which could be in February or in April.  While it’s not an ideal plan for many reasons, it feels like the most manageable solution without redistributing resources in ways that are inequitable for our remote kids, putting our staff more at risk, or requiring major reprogramming.  Due to budget limitations, our school only has enough funding to cover the cost of one part-time sub until the end of the year, if needed.  

Finally, a reminder that in-person students, families, and staff must notify the school if they have tested positive for COVID-19, even if they have taken a test independently and not through the city.  You can go here to see our school’s results from our weekly random tests (click on the “Testing Details” tab).

With much love,



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