Week of January 18, 2021

Dear Families,

As you know, our School Leadership Team agreed to offer families TWO additional times (as originally promised by the DOE) to make the shift from remote-only to blended—after February Mid-Winter Break and after April Spring Break. We believe that this will support families to reach decisions for their unique circumstances and also keep the number of in-person students low at a time when COVID rates are rising. You do not need to complete this survey if your child is currently attending in-person. We understand that plans may change, however, we ask that you let us know if you intend for your child to begin in-person learning during either of these two periods (remember, you can opt back into remote at any time). We will send a survey again in March for the April opt-in window to confirm your intent. If you do not submit a survey, your child will remain in 100% remote learning. 

Please read the information and fill out the survey here.

The last day to submit the survey is Friday, January 29.

I hope that you can join us tonight at 5 PM for our PTA meeting to hear from Denise Soltren, our new Parent Coordinator and other TNS updates.

With much love,



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