Week of May 17, 2021

Dear Families,

The weather is turning warm, and we are heading into the last six weeks of the school year.  The end of the school year can elicit complicated feelings in children. What looks like “spring fever” maybe children beginning to feel the loss of their classroom community as the last weeks of school approach.  Children react to transitions and regression during this time normal.  Thinking about ending the year and saying, “Goodbye,” as well as considering beginning a new grade with new teachers and new peer groups can bring up a lot of anxiety for children - especially in a year where we have had to adjust to so many unknowns.  Children who have had a significant loss in their lives may have a particularly hard time these last weeks of school.  Teachers will use various ways to address end-of-year issues in the classroom (be it remote or in-person).   We ask that you also support your children during this time by keeping schedules and routines as normal as possible for as long as possible and trying to keep your anxieties about the summer and next school year at bay (this may feel particularly challenging this year).  Please check in with your child’s teacher if you notice your child is struggling during this time.  

Last week I wrote asking that you let us know if you are sure your child is NOT returning to TNS in the fall.  This information helps when we make next year’s classes.  It helps us figure out if we can accept new students.  It also helps us forecast our budget because funding from student enrollment enables us to run our school. Please complete this survey and let us know the school your child will be attending next year.  Thank you.

With Love,



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