Week of June 7, 2021

Dear Families,

Last Thursday, our staff came together to share ideas and suggestions about decisions we need to make for September. One thing we agreed to continue is the Teddy Bear curriculum. It has been a powerful way to support children’s social and emotional needs this year. Many of our students still carry their bears to and from school each day! Teddy bears help teachers address unresolved emotional issues that hinder children’s socialization and learning processes. They can help children connect to their feelings and express them in constructive ways, establishing a safe and supportive learning environment for students. Please hold onto and take of your child’s teddy bear this summer so that it can return with your child in the fall.

We are in the process of making classes for next year. This is a thoughtful process, and we carefully consider the makeup of each class. There are a few changes in configurations next year. We will have two Integrated Co-teaching or ICT classes (these are classes with two teachers) and one general education class (a class with one teacher) in our 2nd/3rd grades. All of our 4th/5th grade classes with be ICT. As we plan the classes and spaces for September, we need to know who will or might be leaving. Please complete this survey to let us know if your child is NOT returning next year. Thank you.

With Love,



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