Week of November 22, 2021

Dear Families,

I am resharing a poignant and powerful clip of Amber Ruffin on Instagram that Denise shared with me in response to the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse because it captured how many, many people, especially Black and brown people, felt after hearing Friday’s verdict.  “It’s not OK for the judicial system to be blatantly and obviously stacked against people of color. It’s not OK for there to be an entirely different set of rules for white people.  But I don’t care about Kyle Rittenhouse.  I don’t care about that racist judge...  I care about you.  You matter.  You matter.  Every time one of these verdicts comes out, it’s easy to feel like you don’t but, I am here to tell you that you do.  You matter.  You matter so much that the second you start to get a sense that you do, a man will grab a gun he shouldn’t have in the first place and travel all the way to another state just to quiet you. That’s the power you have.”  Her compelling message makes me think about our work engaging in critical dialogue with our children and each other about racial inequities in our school, country, and the world and continuing to celebrate and honor our children and each other.  

TNS will continue the Rainbow Coalition, our support group for transgender, gender nonconforming, non-binary, gender-questioning, gay, lesbian, and bi students.  Matt, 2nd/3rd-grade teacher, and Oli, our P.E. teacher, will co-facilitate.  The group is open to students ages 5 - 11 years and will meet once a month during the school day.   The first meeting is on Monday, December 15.  Please see attached flyer for additional details and email Matt at matt@tnsny.org for more information.

I am resharing the Family Resources: Native American Cultures to support you in having discussions with your children about Thanksgiving beyond the singular narrative that reinforces negative stereotypes and myths about the Native People.  Whatever family traditions you honor this weekend, enjoy the long and very well-deserved break.  I hope that it feels restful and rejuvenating.  

With Love,



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