Week of January 3, 2022

Dear Families,

The surge of cases experienced before and during winter break, delays in test results, and longer turnaround times in response from the Situation Room have made it difficult to get accurate case counts in schools. To give you a clearer sense, we have at least ten active, positive cases to date in our school. Additionally, we have a handful of community members under quarantine as close contacts due to exposure over the break.  Many students also are home today awaiting test results.  

Students who test positive must isolate for ten days and can return to school on Day 11 if they have no symptoms.  No negative test is required to return to school.  Please

Quarantining protocols have changed with at-home COVID tests.  Unvaccinated or not fully-vaccinated students who are in close proximity to a positive case no longer have to quarantine and can continue attending school if they do not have symptoms and do not have a positive test result from a COVID test. All students and adults in that classroom will receive two take-home rapid tests and take  over five days. In Pre-K, the quarantine policy will remain the same, meaning that any Pre-K student who was in close proximity to a positive case will have to quarantine for ten days. 

The DoE is not offering remote options for students who test positive or whose families choose to keep them home. I understand this is frustrating for children and families staying home because of the rise in COVID cases in NYC or because they need to quarantine. However, please understand that teachers can’t work in person all day and then prepare work for our students at home and offer office hours. So instead, I strongly urge you to reach out to our new chancellor and mayor about offering remote options for students across the city.  Nonetheless, there are many activities that your child can do at home that will support their learning:

  • Read!  Your child can access Sora for books.

  • Many of our older children can use Zearn for math.

  • Younger students can staple or glue multiple pages together and have them write or draw a story; you can mix this activity up by cutting out different-sized booklets or using different kinds of paper.  Older children can also write stories or journal daily.

  • Cook or bake with your child.

  • Play games like Candyland, Memory, chess, checkers, or Uno.

Please also try not to worry about learning loss if your child is absent due to COVID.  Most classes are not covering new content or skills because so many students are out this week, and our teachers will work hard to support your children when they return to school.  

Finally, please submit your child’s testing consent through their NYC Schools Account. Starting this week, in-school testing will expand, doubling the number of students tested. This is one way to detect asymptomatic cases and keep us all safe!  If you have submitted consent this school year, you do not need to again.  

We know this is a lot of information, and we ourselves still have many questions and concerns. As new information becomes available from the DOE, we will update you.  

Warm regards,



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