1.6.22 Town Hall

Dear Families,

Thank you to those families who participated in last night’s town hall.  If you were unable to attend, I am sending the link to the recording.  I am also sharing a letter that Shaniqua wrote to her families advocating for more testing and a centralized remote program for when kids need to be home because they are in quarantine.  If you can, please join our schools’ rally for safer schools on Tuesday morning at 8 AM.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and get to go out and play in the snow with your children!




Hi Everyone,

As you probably have heard, some of the TNS teachers came together to organize a march for safe schools. Unfortunately, due to the inclement weather tomorrow, we have postponed it to Tuesday at 8 AM at the front entrance to ensure maximum participation from families who want to join.  

We demand that the city do its job and create the infrastructures necessary to ensure that kids in person are safe - we need way more testing of both students and staff, free masks for students and staff (N95 masks), and HEPA purifiers. They only allow a certain amount of adult staff members to be tested at schools. Before the break, none of the staff were allowed to be tested at school.  Like last year, the city is throwing its hands up at the cost of your children’s education and health, and it is NOT okay. I’m sure it’s also driving you all up the wall, trying to figure out child care, to say the least. 

Kids have a right to an education, and we demand that the DOE create a centralized remote program for everyone. It needs to be created by the DOE and run by teachers they hire to teach remotely. Then, the same way they created specialized schools, they can make a specialized remote school for NYC’s over 1 million students. It is not okay that students are expected to do nothing at home.  It’s time we start pushing back against the city officials and insist that they do their jobs!  We deserve more. Our kids deserve more! 

We have been talking about it as a class and noticing that some of our classmates haven’t been able to come to school for a long time because they are protecting themselves and our community. Some have made signs that they are excited to march around, demanding their friends learn and asking for masks and testing. 




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