Week of 1.10.22

Dear Families,

Thank you for your support, flexibility, and patience during this incredibly demanding time.  The drastic uptick in positive cases means I am sending emails alerting our community at all hours of the day.  Still, sharing this information as soon as I learn of it is crucial to help avoid any potential spread of infection. 

The increase in cases in our school is disruptive for families and has also made running school extremely challenging.  I am sure you have heard about staffing shortages across the city. For example, at TNS last week, most of the office was out, and we scrambled to cover classes because no substitutes showed up to cover teacher absences.  Many of us are parents, too, and need to take time off to care for our own sick or quarantined children.  We are all spread thin, and kindness and understanding go a long way! 

I hope many of you will join TNS staff tomorrow at 8 AM in the front courtyard (on 3rd St.) to rally for safe schools.  We are advocating for weekly, on-site COVID testing for ALL students and staff, More PPE, and a centralized remote learning option for children who have to quarantine or whose families choose to keep them home.

Finally, please bundle your children up this week!  It will be freezing, and we need to keep classroom windows open to ensure adequate ventilation.  




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