Week of 4.4.22

Dear Families,

This Friday is a TNS professional development half-day.  Students are dismissed at 11:45 AM.  Recently, a parent asked me about our half-days, which differ from the DoE calendar.  As you may know, TNS has been a Progressive Redesign Opportunity Schools for Excellence (PROSE) school since 2014.  As a result, we can implement innovative plans that fall outside the Chancellor’s Regulations or UFT contract, including setting aside six half-days for professional development.  These half-days allow us to go more deeply into our work together than our 1-hour Monday PDs permit.  This year, we use these afternoons to further our work toward becoming an anti-racist school community.  Recently, it has included establishing agreements for having difficult conversations about race and racism as a staff.  We hope that having these agreements and protocols in place will allow us to bring our whole selves to our work as a school.

It’s lovely to see so many families enjoying the garden after school.  However, it is not a playground.  Unless they are working on a garden project with a garden committee member, children should not be digging, climbing, or using garden tools.  Families are welcome to enjoy a snack there before heading to the playground on 4th Street.  Thank you for respecting the seedlings, plants, and hard work of the garden committee. 




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