Today’s events and how we will support our children

Dear Families,

I apologize for the number of emails I’ve sent today and for sending this email so late.  It has been a challenging day for all of us.  However, it feels important to share this information so that we can support our children and each other.  

First off, I cannot stress enough how critical it is to monitor the news that your child is hearing or watching tonight.  It is scary for us, and you should process it first before you share any information with your child.  If you choose to talk with your child about today’s events, you may find these guidelines helpful.

Tomorrow and Thursday, our teachers will:

  • Listen.  Find out what children know, have heard, and have seen. 

  • Provide containing information (this is tricky because there are still many unknowns).   But, for example, we know that everyone is doing whatever they can to find the person who did this terrible thing.  

  • Find out what children are wondering.

  • Reassure children that they are safe in their school. For example, Agent G and Agent Jackson make sure that anyone who enters our building is allowed to be here, we practice drills to make sure that we are prepared in case of an emergency, etc.

  • We also want to make sure that children have opportunities to continue to process what is coming up for them.  This may include providing a blank book where children can write or draw about what happened if they are worried.

  • Finally, our children may want to take action.  For example, writing opinion pieces, congresspeople about gun control, etc.

Please reach out to me, Denise, or your child’s teacher if you or your child needs additional support during this time.

With Love,



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