Texas school shooting yesterday

Dear Families,

It is tragic and infuriating to write about another horrific mass shooting in less than two weeks.  Once again, we are left with feelings of grief, fear, and anger.  I remind you to monitor the information your child is exposed to and turn the news off when children are in earshot.  Teachers will support children if they bring it up in class.  Here are the guidelines we use, and I encourage you to as well. 

  1. Listen.  Find out what children know, have heard, and have seen. 

  2. Provide containing information. 

  3. Find out what children are wondering. (Why? How? etc.)

  4. Reassure children that they are safe in our school. Reference things in place, like Agent Jackson and Alleyne, rules about guns in New York City and New York State, and safety drills.

  5. Make a blank book where children can write or draw about what happened if they are worried.

  6. For older kids who bring up gun issues, let them research and write their opinions about gun ownership, gun control, etc. Give them the option to write letters to state and federal congresspeople.

Please feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns.




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