Dear Neighborhood School Families,

Ready, Set, COLLECT!  The TNS Read-a-Thon is coming to a close! 

What have you read this Summer?  Who did you ask ?  We would love to hear all of your literary exploits these past few months---so get ready to hand tally up your pledges...and collect some free prizes!

Starting on Monday September 26th during drop off we will be in the lobby taking your donations...The week’s schedule is as follows:

Monday 9/26: Drop Off
Tuesday 9/27: Pick Up
Wednesday 9/28: Drop Off
Thursday 9/29: Pick Up
Friday 9/30: Both Drop off and Pick Up

Pledges may be paid in cash or check, made out to The Neighborhood School P.T.A. or pay via PayPal by going to our web page.

Thanks for supporting literacy and our school!

Nanine Iengo-Blomstrom & Andrea Begel The Read-A-Thon Committee

The contributions are tax deductible (EIN: 13-4033837).