SUN Bucks (Summer EBT) | Food and Nutrition Service

Summer Grocery Benefit for Kids

SUN Bucks is a new grocery benefit available across most of the U.S. Families with eligible school-aged children can get $120 per child to buy groceries during the summer. SUN Bucks may have a different name depending on your location.

Families can receive SUN Bucks on top of other benefits like SNAP and WIC, and children can continue to enjoy free SUN Meals from local meal sites or with SUN Meals To-Go.

Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) | OTDA

Beginning in 2024, New York State will launch Summer EBT, a new program that provides low-income families with food benefits to help cover the cost of groceries when school is out of session. Summer is the time when many children lose access to free meals they get at school. Most eligible children will receive Summer EBT food benefits automatically; however, some families may need to apply.

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Food Stamps for Seniors on Social Security

The federal food assistance program, SNAP, sometimes also called Food Stamps, is available to low-income households to encourage healthy food choices. We have developed a new guide aimed at educating senior citizens about the benefits of this great program

Please feel free to visit our Food Stamps for Seniors guide at

I am also including our guide to Medicare Grocery Benefit, which is another great program for seniors, in case you find it useful for your community as well: