Know your chances of getting a pre-K offer!

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Dear families, 

As you explore pre-K programs before the application opens next week, learn what your child’s chances are of getting an offer. Did you know you can see which priority groups received offers to a particular pre-K program in the MySchools Directory? To see this information:  

  1. Search for a school you are interested in and click on the school name to bring up their MySchools page to see more information 
  2. Select the program name (for example “Pre-K School Day”)  
  3. Scroll down to the “My Chances,” section, where you will see which priority groups received offers. 

This information can be useful for understanding what the admissions priorities for a particular program are, what your priority to a program is, and the chances of that priority group receiving an offer in the spring.  

Offers are made based on a combination of these factors: 

  • The choices you list on your child’s application 
  • The seat availability at the programs you list 
  • Your child’s admissions priority at the programs you list 

The Office of Student Enrollment tries our best to match families to their highest choice when possible.  If you are interested in a program, list it as a choice to be considered for a seat, even if your child already attends it, has a sibling attending, or is zoned. You can include up to 12 choices on your child’s application! All applicants who apply to pre-K by the deadline will receive an offer to a program, even if it was not a choice on their application.   

Once the application opens on MySchools, there may be times of high site traffic. Remember, Pre-K admissions is not first come, first served. There is no advantage to applying on the first day—all applications received by the deadline are treated equally.  If you experience delays, check back in a few hours! 

Questions? We’re here to help. Email us at