Dyanthe’s Weekly Letter

Dear Families,

We are halfway through the school year.  As you know, our students take Spanish with Maria for half the year and Science with Julia for half the year.  Everyone has Physical Education with Oli all year long.  If your child has been in Spanish, they will switch to Science next week.  Similarly, if your child is in Science, they will switch to Spanish.  Only pre-k students keep the same schedule because they have Science, Spanish, and P.E. all year long.

Each year at this time, we send home progress reports.  Like a typical school report card, the idea is to give you a sense of your child’s progress up to this point in the school year.  Unlike a traditional report card, our reports offer a written narrative that gives you a picture of your child’s life in school: what is your child successful with, what’s hard for your child, and what does that look like in school, what are some possible next steps and goals for your child.  You’ll also receive information about your child’s work with the other teachers they see during the week.  We hope the report will help you feel more connected and able to participate in your child’s academic development.  Narrative reports go home next Monday, February 6.

As you know, we recently updated our website, https://tnsny.org/.  It is a resource for both current and prospective families.  Please visit our website to learn about news and events happening in the community and city and our resource page.