Dyanthe’s Weekly Letter

Dear Families,

Happy Pi Day!  

Please complete your school survey.  The survey collects important information about each school’s ability to support student success.  Denise sent you an email with your access code and links to fill out the survey.  You also should have received an envelope in your child’s backpack with a hard copy of the form for those families who prefer to complete the survey offline.  If you have any questions, please email Denise at denise@tnsny.org.

We are going ice skating!  This is a long-time and favorite tradition for the Neighborhood School that Covid disrupted. Matt Levy, the parent to Rose and Lila, generously took on the task of organizing this trip for the school. You should have received hard copies of permission forms and envelopes for fees. If, for some reason, the cost is an issue, please reach out to your child’s teacher; we do not want the cost to prohibit children from participating. The deadline for the forms and fees is this Friday, March 17th

The SLT has established norms for all TNS social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Konstella.  I have included them in my letter below.  We hope that our community finds these guidelines helpful in their virtual communication.  



General Expectations for Community Engagement

At the heart of the TNS community is a fundamental commitment to mutual respect and inclusivity, regardless of whether engagement is in-person or in a virtual setting. Those who engage in our community will not always agree with one another. Many will have strong viewpoints, opinions, and convictions that can lead to dynamic discussion and vigorous debate. Our digital platforms are intended to promote the school.  Accordingly, we will moderate online spaces with the following principles in mind to allow for the TNS community to flourish:

  • Be kind and respectful of one another, even when there’s disagreement;
  • Approach discussions constructively;
  • Actively listen and try to account for full context;
  • Recognize and observe others’ personal boundaries, physical or otherwise;
  • Be open to hearing how your words and actions affect others; and
  • While we all make mistakes, be willing to right wrongs and learn from them.