Dyanthe’s Weekly Letter

Dear Families,

In New York State, most public schools rely on state standardized tests to assess student learning and judge school effectiveness. Although TNS students can participate in those exams, we believe any standardized test is limited in conveying the full scope of student learning.  In collaboration with six other progressive elementary schools, we created authentic assessments called Performance Based Assessment Tasks or PBATS as an alternative way to gather reliable quantitative data for school accountability and feedback. 

This is the second year our 5th-grade students will participate in PBATS.  Students receive an extended problem or project and time to prepare, perform, and reflect on their process. Students then present their work at a roundtable in front of a panel of evaluators.  The task calls for rich understanding, strategic thinking, and application, not just recall or a formulaic response, and it is structured in a relevant context. Students present their thinking, solutions, and justifications to the panel. Each student also performs a live problem in front of the panel.  PBATs create purpose around student work and provide an authentic audience. Students receive feedback from various adults. They reflect on their learning, recognize strengths, and set goals for growth. PBATs also help staff reflect on curriculum, teaching, and the learning that students are doing. We can get a strong sense of the teaching and learning happening across the grade level and school. Students start working on designing their own playground next week.

Please let us know if you are sure your child is NOT returning to TNS in the fall.  Please complete this survey and let us know the school your child will be attending next year. You do not need to complete a form if your child is graduating.  

Friday is a TNS half-day.  Dismissal is at 11:45 a.m.