Dyanthe and Shaquawn’s Weekly Letter

Dear Families

 All NYC public schools are required to practice the protocols they will follow for different kinds of emergencies throughout the school year.  The first is a building evacuation, or “fire drill.” We practice this drill several times throughout the year; it’s the one your children are most familiar with. Different scenarios would call for building evacuation, but the most common would be a danger within the building, such as a fire. The second type of safety protocol we prepare for is a lockdown. During a lockdown, an announcement is made over the PA, and children and staff respond by turning off the lights in classrooms, locking classroom doors, moving out of the sightline of the windows or classroom doors, and staying quiet until the lockdown has been lifted. This drill prepares for the unlikely event of imminent danger inside the building.  Neighborhood School teachers discuss different drill practices with children well ahead of time so that they feel safe and get their questions answered for reassurance. They communicate that this is our school, and we want to ensure that only people who belong here and are taking care of one another are here.  We will have our first lockdown drill this week.  Please contact Dyanthe or Shaquawn if you have any questions about our school safety drills. 

Fall Family Celebration

Fall Family Celebration is one of Dyanthe’s favorite pre-COVID TNS traditions because classes share a meal together, and she has to visit each one.  It’s a chance to enjoy good food, laughter, and each other’s company.  Fall Family brings us together—it lightens the mood and strengthens the bonds we are building. Some classes have their celebration after arrival, some around lunch, and some at the end of the school day.  Fall family will take place next Friday, October 27th.

Your classroom teacher(s) or class parents will reach out to you with the specific schedule for your class. They will also send out sign-up lists for dishes and supplies.

All School Open Work

All School Open Work (ASOW) is a long-standing TNS tradition where children visit other classrooms for work time or project time. It is a nice way to build community and reunite with past students and teachers. About a quarter of each class gets to sign up to go to another classroom for worktime activities each half day. Each class has a system to sign children up for their turn. Everyone who is here on the half days will get a chance to visit another room at some point. ASOW happens every half-day Friday, so our first one is this Friday, October 20th. 

Half Day 10/20

We have a half day this Friday, 10/20. Dismissal is at 11:45 a.m. 


Dyanthe and Shaquawn

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