Dyanthe and Shaquawn’s Weekly Letter

Dear Families,

At TNS, we believe that children learn best through first-hand experiences with people, materials, and places; that is why trips are an integral part of our school’s curriculum.  Some trips, like ice skating, may not be so much about content learning but about giving children different life experiences.  

Similarly, our 4th and 5th graders go to camp every year for three days and two nights.  This year, they are going to Camp Ashokan.  Students hike to the depths of the 350 million-year-old Cathedral Gorge and the Turnwood-Ashokan Covered Bridge. Outpost classrooms like the Homestead, Lenape Village, the Writer’s Cabin, and the Ropes Course dot the Ashokan landscape, creating unique learning opportunities around every bend in the path.  Children get to experience the 18th and 19th Century buildings, and working craft shops: Winchell’s Inn (c. 1780), the 1817 schoolhouse, the Ashokan Barn and Barnyard, Blacksmith Shop, Print Shop, Pewter Shop, and Tin & Broom shops create the Ashokan village.  We expect all of our students to go to camp.  These camping trips are essential to a student’s TNS experience and reflect the values of our mission. The experience fosters collaboration, resilience, and problem-solving skills as students navigate outdoor challenges together. Spending two nights away from home also allows children to develop a sense of independence and self-reliance. Our 4th and 5th graders leave for camp next week!  

Thursday, February 1st, is the beginning of Black History Month. As we all know, Black History Month was created to celebrate and acknowledge the contributions of African Americans in this country. This time also brings forth the opportunity to support Black-owned businesses to promote the growth of Black entrepreneurship. Here is a list of some Black-owned businesses you can support in NYC. 


Dyanthe and Shaquawn